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Rollfast specialized in Stainless steel bolts and nuts and fasteners in SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, 316S31 and Specialty Fasteners, fasteners for sewage and water treatment plants, cross country pipelines, drainage water systems, desalination plants, waste water mangament technology and Marine industry where the Fastener product need to conform to OEM Manufacturer's specification rather than specifications found in Standard Fasteners.

SS Bolts and nuts producers, manufacturers can be categorized based on the raw material types, target industries, product types, quality requirements. etc. Fastener Manufacturers are structured differently based on their target products since different fastener forming machine, tooling, machinery, seecondary processing machinery. are required to manufacture different type of fasteners.

Rollfast is one of the leading Indian Fastener Manufacturer and exporter from India supplying standard, specialty and non-standard fasteners and marine fasteners including INOX grades SS 304 from India to the above mentioned industries, the client list includes key producers for pumps, pumping station manufacturers, drainage water system machinery and companies, waste water management systems, desalination plant manufacturers and sewage treatment plants.

Apart from manufacturing stainless steel bolts and nuts and fasteners, Rollfast also manufactures bolts and nuts in alloy steel in high tensile grades 8.8 and 10.9 Rollfast also serves as the Special or Non-standard Fastener Manufacturer for other markets such as Generator, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Hardware Tools, Home Appliances, Electro-mechanical parts, Recreational Indsutry, All Terran Vehicles (ATV), Water Motorcycles. and more.

Because Fastener Manufacturers usually specialized in their specific area, it is important for Fastener Importers or Distributors to source the Fasteners from suitable Fastener Manufacturers to ensure that specification, quality and price requirements are met.

Some Fastener Manufacturers focus on the production of Standard Fastener or Metric Fastener, which focuses on large volume production that is highly price-driven. The market for Fastener Manufacturers is highly competitive in terms of their cost and price, since the technique factors on these types of fasteners usually not as high as Specialty Fasteners and stainless steel fasteners. If you are looking for the best quality stainless steel bolts and high tensile fasteners, then look no further, Rollfast is your most trusted brand and partner in your quest for the best quality fasteners made in India.

SS 316 bolts and nuts and grade fasteners are now popularly been used in water projects and water reservoirs all over the world, there resistance to corrosion and a better life span effects the quality of the drinking water being transported in the pipeline.

The strength of the stainless steel bolt is defined below in the chart given.

 Mechanical Properties requirements as per DIN EN ISO 3506
Group Grade Property Class Thread Diameter Range Tensile Strength RM (1) Min N/MM2 Stress Permanent Strain Rp 0.2 (1) Min N/MM2 Elongationn after Fracture A(2) Min MM
Austentic 304/316 50
210 0.6d
70 <M24
450 0.4d
80 <M24
600 0.3d
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