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Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts in India

  • Stainless steel SS Hex bolts as per DIN 931 , 933 , 912  in stainless steel grades SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L and A2-70, A2-80 and A4-70 and A4-80, 316S31 grade for water projects and water pipelines
  • Special stainless steel bolts with extra corrosion resistance used in water water projects, waste water treatment plants in  UAE, Middle east, Saudi arabia, OMAN, Qatar
  • Biggest manufacturer and exporter of larger diameter hex bolt in India, diameter range from M-20 to M-100 in DIN 931 / 933 / 912 in grades SS 304, 316, 316L , 316S31 and 316S33 and A2 and A4 in A2-70 & A4-70
  • Stainless steel / INOX grade hex bolts in A2, A4 in DIN 931 / 933 in bigger diameters from M-20 to M-100
  • 100% machining on CNC machines for better quality and productivity
  • Exports to over 56 countries in 5 different continents all over the world
  • Stainless Steel Bolts and nuts for water projects, water pipelines, sewage water treatment plants,desalination plants and waste water treatment plants in SS 304, SS 316 and SS 316L grades.
  • A2-50, A2-70, A2-80, A4-50, A4-70, A4-80
  • International standards in  DIN, ISO, EN, BS, IS, JIS, 931, 933, 912,  DIN EN ISO  4014, DIN EN ISO 4017, IS 1363, IS 1367
  • Size and range from  M-20 diameter to M-100  and upto 1500 mm in length
  • Manufacturing by Hot gorging method.
  HEX Products
HEXAGON SCREWS/BOLTS Standards IS 1364 / 1363 DIN EN ISO 4014 & 4017 DIN 931 / 933
Grade SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L / 316S31
Size Dia M 20 to 100 mm
Inch 3/4" to 3.1/2"
Finish Bright polished and cleaned
HEX NUT Standards IS 1364 / 1363 DIN EN ISO 4032 DIN 934 / 970
Grade SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L / 316S31
Size Dia M 20 to 100 and Inch 3/4" to 4"
Finish Bright polished and cleaned
WASHERS Standards IS 2015 / 3064 DIN EN ISO 3063 DIN 125 / ISO 7090
Grade SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L / 316S31
Size Dia M 20 to 100 and Inch 3/4" to 4"
Finish Bright polished and cleaned
  Description of Stainless steel hex bolts for pipe lines and mega reservoirs
For Pipe / flange size Suitable bolt size Threading length
1600 mm M-52x230 mm   130 mm
1400 mm M-45x210 mm 115 mm
1200 mm M-45x210 mm 115 mm
 900 mm M-36x160 mm   92 mm
 600 mm M-33x180 mm 117 mm
 400 mm M-27x150 mm 105 mm
 300 mm M-24x130 mm   93 mm
 250 mm M-24x110 mm   82 mm
 200 mm M-20x100 mm   72 mm

Rollfast manufacturers stainess steel bolts for water pipeline, water treatment plants, desalination plants, waste water treatment plants in SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L and 316S31 grade. With ever growing population and the growing demand for water, major projects are being taken up in the whole of middle east, Europe and Asia to increase the production and supply of water. These stainless steel bolts are made in Stainless steel grades as mentioned above for these projects.
Rollfast has major clients and distributors in the whole of Middle east who can supply these stainless steel bolts in very quick deliveries

  "Soar to achieve" is the mantra at Rollfast, we have been continously striving for perfection and the best quality bolts we can manufacture. Rollfast is the biggest manufacturer for larger diameter bolts in India, with exports to middle east in   Qatar , Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq and Libya   we have been exporting   stainless steel bolts and stainless steel fasteners   in the undermentioned grades for many different applications in   marine, sewage water treatment plants, Saline and salty water applications, sea side piping, cross country pipe lines, water pipeline projects,  Desalination and Water Treatment projects  , in the past Rollfast has executed many projects for   Dubai electricity water authority (DEWA),  petroleum development of Oman (PDO), Federal electricity and water authority (FEWA), UAE   .  We are proud to say that our stainless steel bolts are sold in over 56 countries all over the world. 

We are also manufacturing stainless steel bolts and nuts as per   BS 970 part 4 - Stainless steel grade 316



Stainless steel 304 nuts & bolts 304 , 304L
Stainless steel 316 fasteners, nuts & bolts ( Marine grade ) 316 , 316L , 316Ti , 316S31 , 316S33
ASTM Grade heavy hex nuts & bolts ASTM A193 B8 , B8M , B8T , B8C , B6
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  Roll Fast 316S31 Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer in India Roll Fast
  Roll Fast Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts SS304, SS316, 316S31 in India width= Roll Fast
  Roll Fast SS Bolts and Nuts like 304,316L and 316S31, Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts Roll Fast
  Roll Fast SS 304, SS316L, SS316S31 Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts Roll Fast
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Roll Fast offers a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts like 316S31 Bolts & Nuts, SS304 Bolts and Nuts, SS316 Nuts & Bolts in India