Unlocking the Power of Precision: CNC Turned Components are the Future of Manufacturing

What are turned components?

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the demand for precision is ever-increasing. At the heart of this precision lies the importance of turning components. These, often referred to as CNC machined components or CNC turned parts, are crafted through a specialised process known as turning. Executed mostly through computer numerical control (CNC) and automated turning machines, this process gives birth to components with impressive accuracy and intricate designs.

Amid the giants in this market, RollFast emerges as a pivotal player. With a firm grip on the nuances of turning, we at RollFast consistently manufacture turned components that stand tall on parameters of dimension, grade, and as per the distinctive requirements of our customers. We have more than 20 CNC machines and more than 50 automatic turning machines on which we are producing more than 200 tonnes of Precision turned components.

Advantages of Precision Turned Components in the Manufacturing Industry:

  1. Customised Precision: CNC machinery provides unrivalled accuracy. This ensures that components are manufactured with precise depths and dimensions, ensuring smooth integration into bigger assemblies, reducing possible wear and tear, and extending the life of machines.
  1. Design Flexibility: The advanced capabilities of CNC machines enable the creation of a wide range of designs. This means that manufacturing sectors can profit from tailor-made turning components that can accommodate even the most intricate designs.
  1. Cost Effectiveness: CNC turning, while advantageous, is also cost-effective. Automated operations reduce material waste and require fewer manual interventions, resulting in cost savings that may be passed on to the end user.
  1. Scalability: As production demands increase, CNC turning can expand to meet the demand without sacrificing quality. This ensures a steady supply and helps companies sustain production momentum.
  1. Consistency: Consistency is one of the primary benefits of CNC-turned components. Once the design specifications are provided, CNC machines manufacture almost identical parts, ensuring consistency across large batches.
  1. Shorter lead time: Because CNC turning is based on automation, it boosts production speeds. This entails shorter turnaround times, allowing producers to respond to market demands or customer requirements more quickly.
  1. Improved Material Utilisation: CNC machines can work with a wide variety of materials, including aluminium and titanium alloys. Because of this versatility, companies can select the appropriate material for the job, ensuring the end product performs optimally.
  1. Safety and Lower Labour Intensity: Automated CNC processes eliminate the need for manual handling, resulting in safer work environments and fewer human errors.
  1. Environmentally Friendly Production: Modern CNC machines are built with sustainability in mind. Efficient operations result in lower consumption and waste generation, which contributes to greater industrial processes.
  1. Complexity and Intricacy: CNC turning can accomplish even the most elaborate problems that are difficult to achieve with manual procedures. This opens the door to new product designs and customised turned components.

The components of contemporary production are precision CNC turned components. They are the driving force behind industries' pursuit of futures of constant quality, flexibility, and sustainable growth, and they are the embodiments of efficiency and innovation. RollFast appreciates the challenges involved and is committed to providing components that will help advance the manufacturing industry.


In the vast realm of manufacturing, every single thread holds significance, and each component is important. The importance of CNC machined components is unparalleled. RollFast takes great pride in its domain, diligently manufacturing these remarkable products that embody precision and innovation. Our cutting-edge CNC equipments and knowledgeable engineering technicians support our commitment to providing excellence. We have more than 20 CNC machines in house which deliver 100% tested and quality checked products batch after batch. Our products are made while keeping all the standards and quality assurances in mind so that there is no scope of rejection or even the slightest error of tolerance. This ensures that industries of all types provide top-notch quality. RollFast's influence is evident in a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, automotive, aluminum extrusions , door industries, HVAC, railways, and shipbuilding.

In a rapidly advancing world where people are constantly striving for performance, we at RollFast take great pride in being the epitome of quality and reliability. In the ever-evolving landscape of the future, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality. Our mission is to guarantee that each CNC-turned component that we produce embodies precision, passion, and performance.

We are here to provide the best for your machinery. At RollFast, precision is not simply a measure but rather a promise