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Roll-Fast has in-house centerless grinding machines, centerless grinding machines are needed where there is a special requirement of tolerance which cannot be achieved in direct machining. Centerless grinding provides better finish and close tolerances.

We have inhouse centerless grinder setup. Our machine gives higher accuracy & productivity, that gives 0.001 mm accuracy of products. We do grinding on bolts, studs, Anchors, Barrel, Aluminum structure parts and many more. We are manufacturer of fasteners, parts and Components for many industries & customization products.

What is Centreless Grinding?

The Centerless grinding is the process of removing material from the outside diameter of a work piece using an abrasive wheel. In its simplest form, a centerless grinder consists of the machine base, grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work blade.

The work piece is loactaed on its outside diameter and supported by the work blade which is between the regulating whel and the grinding wheel.The regulating wheel drive the part and the grinding wheel removes the material.

The two main types of centerless gringing are–

  1. 1. Through feed Grinding
  2. 2. In Feed Grinding

Through feed Grinding

Through-feed grinding is the most popular form of centerless grinding. Through-feed grinding is performed by traversing a part from one side of the machine to the other, between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel, without stopping. Axial feed is created by dressing a regulating wheel and tipping it at an angle relative to the blade and grinding wheel, normally about 3°. This combination of factors pulls a workpiece across the work rest and between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel. Through-feed grinding is very productive. we would grind 0.305 mm (0.012") from a 31.75 mm-dia. (1.25") steel bar that was 914 mm (36") long. we held the diameter to a 0.0127 mm (0.0005") tolerance and produced roundness within 0.0051 mm (0.0002").

In Feed Grinding

In-feed centerless grinding, also known as plunge grinding, is conducted by placing a part on the work rest and radially feeding the part into the grinding wheel with the regulating wheel. In-feed grinding is used when a part has one portion that is larger than another. Crush form dressing imparts the desired shape into the grinding wheel. This method is used to create complex forms or generate multiple diameters at one time. In-feed grinding is efficient at generating small parts with close tolerances.

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