balance weight


Roll-Fast is the manufacture of balance weight for Ship Engines & Automotives. Specially we are manufacture of Balancing weights made of our tungsten heavy metal composites reduce oscillations, weight transfers, imbalances, and vibrations, while also compensating for them. They also create or shift centres of gravity. In this way, our balancing weights ensure the optimum balance for your product.

Our materials are also well suited as vibration weights, reliably ensuring the targeted generation of mechanical oscillations.

What is an Engine Balance?

Engine balance refers to how the forces (resulting from combustion or rotating/reciprocating components) are balanced within an internal combustion engine or steam engine. The most commonly used terms are primary balance and secondary balance. First-order balance and second-order balance are also used.

Roll-Fast have in-house facility making of balance weight in any sizes. First we cut the material as per your size required than Next process is machining, we turned or milling on these weights on higher precision CNC Machining. We have heat treatment furnace from Dowa hightemp Japan that gives higher tensile strength on these weights. We have in house testing facility to checking of material hardness .

Also, we provide different coating on these bolts like Geomat, Zinc flake, black, Phosphate coatings etc.

Anti-vibration weights

Balancing weights are not just essential components in the automotive and racing industries, they are also used in numerous other applications. They help reduce the loads that parts are exposed to and consequently increase their service life.

In the aviation and aerospace industries, our tungsten composite materials provide outstanding performance as balancing weights, for example, in propeller and helicopter blades, rudders, ailerons, radar equipment, and avionics systems.

Custom Weight balance

Roll-fast is specialization in custom weight balance manufacturing. We have CAD team which create 3D model of your weight balance parts and make, is it feasible in different kind of situation with help of simulation & Finite element analysis (FEA) Tools. We check your weight in different load & jerk pressure parameter

Weights for generating oscillations

Our weights made of tungsten composites are not just ideal for correcting imbalances. They are also well suited as vibration weights for the targeted generation of mechanical oscillations. Depending on the requirements, we will manufacture these vibration weights in various dimensions according to your drawing – as the smallest component as well as large components for various industrial applications. Using our state-of-the-art, fully automated production systems, we can produce both low unit quantities as well as mass-produced components with several million units.

Any size you want just share with us and we can make it possible.