Down Stroke Forging


The second step in manufacturing, is forging. We have in house manufacturing set up for hot forging bigger diameter bolts and nuts from M-12 diameter and above. We are the Roll-Fast leading manufacturer of forging bolts, Nuts, components, Die parts, Valves and more. The forging is one of the oldest methods of metalworking, Forging is the process of forming raw metal without allowing the material to completely melt. The metal remains in a solid state while an operator performs any combination of forming techniques such as hammering, rolling, or pressing.

We have wide range of Down Stroke forging presses in our factory. We have all new setup Down stroke forging press. We do forge on daily basis products like Bolts, Nuts, Bush, Components for automotive & Construction. Also, we can forge any component as per customer requirement.

The Machine capacity is 10 Ton per day with higher quality & productivity. The maximum size we can forge up to 100 mm diameter of round bar. We use Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum etc. So we can make a products in any material as per your need.

Machine Details



Year of Make


Number of Machines

Down-stroke screw forging

300 Ton



M-16 to M-100


We have over the last 30 years developed our manufacturing with the help of content improvement in technology by adding new and advanced techniques in manufacturing, we have also developed a CAD design software in house which enables us to design our tooling's in our own factory and with the use of advanced dies and die steel material and with the help of vacuum heat treatment we are constantly developing our tooling's which give us enhanced and a better life as compared to conventional methods of developing dies and tooling's.


  • These down stroke forging Presses are preferred for Hot Forming (Forging), Stamping, Embossing, Sizing non-ferrous metal.
  • The press body is of steel welded construction, one piece box type design gives robust structure.
  • The screw is made of high-quality alloy steel and is heat treated to give hardness and elasticity.
  • The connected flywheel accelerates at the start of working stroke and is braked to a standstill by the actual forming process. Forging accuracy is greater.
  • Forging is possible in closed die as a screw cannot jam under load.

We have large Number of Satisfied Customers in India and Abroad, Who are Already happy with our forging products and using at Fully Satisfactory levels. We forge products & parts for Industries related to Auto parts, Cutlery, Tractor parts, Cylinders and Valves, Defense, Railways etc.