HDG Zinc Plated Zinc Flake Black Oxide Xylan

We can offer surface finishing as per customer requirement in hot dip galvanizing, we take special care to ensure there is no hydrogen embrittlement in 10.9 grade with our special curing system which ensures that 10.9 grade bolts are not damaged by hydrogen embrittlement post galvanizing process. We also do zinc electroplated in blue, yellow, or black colour as per customer requirements.

Special coatings in specific industries require zinc flake coatings, these coatings are done as per ISO 10683, depending upon customers requirement for salt spray life we offer coating systems from NOF Japan and Doerken from Germany, these coatings are provided with the help and support of our partners who have the required licence and have successfully done validations with our existing customers. Salt spray life can vary from 500 to 1500 hours.

Black oxide or black coating is a general type of coating offered on bolts & nuts & stud bolts to give a pleasant appearance and to prevent any rusting during transportation or storage, the normal salt spray life for the fasteners applied with such coatings is often less than 100 hours Xylan is a brand name of With fort USA and is a special coating applied on fasteners / stud bolts where extreme temperatures and harsh condition exist.

Types of Fastener Coatings

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is rust preventive material so it not necessary use of coating but we do PTFE, Xylon coating on SS. It is the best option for rust prevention because it is inherently corrosion resistant in many environments. That’s why stainless steel is often used in marine, food and medical applications, as well as in products designed for outdoor use.

Brass, Bronze, Chrome or Nickel-Plated

Due to their visually appealing finish, these coatings are often used on fasteners that will be visible (think decorative work). Both brass and bronze are very resistant to corrosion. Chrome and nickel-plated finishes provide some level of corrosion resistance to the metal, but they are typically chosen for their aesthetic finish rather than for strength and protection.

Clear and Yellow, Blue, White Zinc

Zinc is one of the most popular fastener coatings available. This type of coating is relatively inexpensive to apply and protects against rust, making zinc-coated fasteners perfect for humid environments.

Yellow Zinc gets its name from its electro-plating process which can create a more golden color than clear zinc coatings. Zinc-coated fasteners are ideal for situations where the product is likely to meet water or other liquids.s

Hot Dip Galvanized

Standard zinc plating is popular, but hot-dipped galvanized coatings provide a thicker layer of zinc on the fastener’s surface, making this a better corrosion resistant coating. Also referred to as HDG, hot dip galvanized coatings are ideal for outdoor use, particularly coastal areas where the salt content is higher. HDG-coated fasteners take a significantly longer time to corrode than those with other coatings.

Electro Galvanized

Known as EG, this type of coating uses a thinner layer of zinc, offering frugal corrosion protection. EG fasteners are typically used in areas where less corrosion protection is needed, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Most fasteners used in roofing are electro galvanized as well.

Grey Phosphate

Grey phosphate is another popular type of coating meant to lengthen fastener lifespan. Phosphate coatings reduce friction, making them great for fasteners that need to be inserted. Phosphate coatings also improve corrosion resistance to a degree. This coating should only be used indoors, and grey phosphate-coated fasteners should not be used with treated lumber.

Ceramic Coated

Ceramic coatings are not as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel, but they are often used in marine applications as they do provide protection against salt water spray. These coatings are often designed to pass 500- and 1,000- hour salt spray tests.

Still Unsure What Fastener Coating To Use?

If you are confused which coating is best for you so don’t take tension. Roll-fast are available to guide you 24x7 which coating is suitable for your work.