Mega Deservoir


We have wide range of standard, non standard, forged, machined, turned and precision turned components for the water industry. We also provide products as per customer needs. We have been dominating this industry for the last 12 years and have always taken pride in having satisfied customers and customer relationship lasting for more than 10 years.

Roll-fast specializes in Stainless steel bolts and nuts and fasteners in SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, 316S31 and Specialty Fasteners, fasteners for Mega reservoir. SS Bolts and nuts producers, manufacturers can be categorized based on the raw material types, target industries, product types, quality requirements. etc. Fastener Manufacturers are structured differently based on their target products since different fastener forming machine, tooling, machinery, secondary processing machinery are required to manufacture different type of fasteners.

We have wide range of material grade for Mega reservoir plant like –




Application area

SS 304 / AISI 304

M-10 to M-100

Austenic steel

Used for flange connections in pipelines

SS 316 / AISI 316

M-10 to M-100

Austenic steel

Used for flange connections in desalination pipelines, in high corrosion atmosphere

SS 316L / AISI 316L

M-10 to M-100

Ferratic steel

high temperature piping, flange joints, rigs and offshore platforms


M-10 to M-100

Austenic steel

Used for flange connections in water pipelines, in high corrosion atmosphere & where greater strength is required for joints

Stainless Steel / Duplex Steel

As Required

Austenic steel / Ferratic steel

Forged Valves & Components

Roll-fast has supplied materials to numerous Mega reservoir projects during the last decade. Our Fasteners, fittings and flanges are used for the construction & maintenance of Mega reservoir plants. Within this industry, Roll-fast has a special focus on mega reservoir plants products. We also make parts & Components according to customer modification. we have wide range of product supply in India, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait, USA, UK etc.

Description of Stainless-steel hex bolts for pipe lines and mega reservoirs

For Pipe / flange size

Suitable bolt size

Threading length

1600 mm

M-52x230 mm

130 mm

1400 mm

M-45x210 mm

115 mm

1200 mm

M-45x210 mm

115 mm

900 mm

M-36x160 mm

92 mm

600 mm

M-33x180 mm

117 mm

400 mm

M-27x150 mm

105 mm

300 mm

M-24x130 mm

93 mm

250 mm

M-24x110 mm

82 mm

200 mm

M-20x100 mm

72 mm