Tower Bolts


Roll-Fast has been supplying wind power industry with high quality wind power fasteners and solutions for more than 10 years. With our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing, heat treating, coating and inspection systems. We are proud of our 0% tolerance policy regarding quality standards and take pride in saying that all products manufactured by us are of top quality standards and with no margin or error.

At Roll-Fast, we manufacture HV bolts & nuts in 10.9 grade using high quality alloy and carbon steel material for tower assembly and wind energy sector, our bolts and nuts are used extensively in the on shore and offshore areas in the wind energy sectors in India, Europe, and USA. Tower bolts are manufactured as per European and American standard in PLAIN, Black and hot dip galvanised (HDG) finish, wherever applicable we can also provide these bolts in special coatings like PTFE, Geomet and Dacromet finish.

What are Tower Bolts?

Tower bolts are hexagonal head shaped bolts manufactured as per EN 14399-4, DIN 6914 & Dast 021. These hold the tower assembly with each other and the structure which supports the wind turbine.

We also manufacture of HV nuts in grade 10 & HV washer (HV200 & HV 300).

Commonly type of bolts used in wind towers




Grade name



HV Bolts

EN 14399-4 / DIN 6914 / Dast 021

8.8, 10.9, 12.9

M-16 to M-80


HV Nuts

EN 14399-4 / DIN 6915 / Dast 021

8, 10, 12

M-16 to M-80


HV Washer

EN 14399-6 / DIN 6916 / Dast 021

HV 100, HV 200 & HV 300

M-16 to M-80

In-house quality inspection for coatings and fasteners

All our critical processes, including hardening, hot-dip galvanising, and quality inspections are performed and evaluated at our in-house facilities, to ensure the quality of our solutions for use in harsh environments and for heavy industrial applications.

We repeatedly monitor and control products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure optimal quality and security levels in all our fasteners.

All items are offered with EN10204 3.1 certifications featuring full traceability for the fasteners, also after installation.