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We are the Roll-Fast leading manufacturer of forging bolts, Nuts, components, Die parts, Valves and more. The Press punching is one of the oldest methods. Power presses are metalworking machines used primarily to cut, punch, or form metal using tooling (dies) attached to the slide (ram) and bed. The slide has a controlled reciprocating motion toward and away from the bed surface and at right angles to it.

We have wide range of power presses setup in our factory. We have all new setup of Indian press manufacturer. We create parts for many industrial parts like Bolts, Nuts, Bush, barrel, Components for automotive & Construction. Mainly components for aluminum structure design. Also, we can create any component as per your requirement.

The Machine capacity is 5 Ton per day with higher quality & productivity. We use Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum etc. So, we can make a products in any material as per your need.

The press setup of below table.

Machine Details




Number of Machines

Power press machine

50 Ton




Power press machine

25 Ton




Power press machine

100 Ton




H Frame Press

We have in house setup of H type frame power press. The H-frame presses have several advantages over other types of presses, such as: Simple design. The design of H-frame presses is simple, which means these press units take less time to make production of any parts. We can offer any kind of sheet metal product parts manufacturing up to 300x300 mm size.

The press gives higher accuracy pf products in higher productivity rate.


  • Higher productivity rate
  • Can do tough material punching easily.

C Frame Press

C-frame presses, also commonly referred to as gap frame presses, offer 3-sided access to the working area to facilitate easy part loading and unloading as well as die maintenance.

C-frame presses are some of the most widely used presses. Their efficient designs make adjusting and maintaining these presses easier than other presses, and many applications depend on them. Also referred to as gap-frame presses. C-frame presses are frequently used in manufacturing processes because they facilitate easy part loading and unloading for manual workers and automated solutions.

We can offer different kind of solution below -

  • Punching: Piercing or cutting openings, including holes in sheet material, plates, or other parts
  • Blanking: Removing a piece of metal and retaining it while disposing of the rest as scrap
  • Coining: Compression of all workpiece surfaces throughout closed-die systems
  • Straightening: Stretching, twisting, or bending metal to straighten it, common for creating bars and tubes
  • Forming: Transforming flat sheet metal parts into 3D parts
  • Bending: Applying force to create angles in flat metal sheets or stock
  • Drawing: Pulling metal through a tapered die to convert it into a thinner part
  • Assembly: Fastening multiple parts together

Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy access. A C-frame press has three access points to the working area, allowing for easier die maintenance and adjustments. ...
  • Affordable. C-frame presses are more cost-effective than straight-side presses, helping reduce the production line's overall cost.
  • Optimized space.