SS Bolts and Nuts Manufacturers in India

The details are the hidden detail in any machinery. The quality of these parts can hamper or enhance the life of the machine. Hence, it is important to pick the right manufacturer for the same. So how do we go about the selection process?

The first point should know the types of parts needed. Each machine has its requirement. Some may require the round option when it comes to nuts and bolts. Others may need rectangular ones. Some may require a combination of big and small parts. Others may require only the small parts. Next, we need to know the actual number of components required. This is the tricky part. If we get it wrong, it will cost us money and time.

In order to ensure that we order the correct parts and amount, we need to keep an up to date inventory of the same. This will also help us realize when the machine needs replacement parts.

Next, we have to do research on the various suppliers in the industry. There are some telltale signs of a reputed supplier. The first sign is an established online presence in the Indian market. Most suppliers have a detailed website available as a reference. These websites list out the product range and the durability of the same. They will also specify the sizes available with them.

A reputed dealer should have a clear demarcation on the website. He or sheasas should have pages dedicated to screws, bolts, washers, and fasteners. Theasa website should also display information about the company. There should be clear information about the suppliers experience in the field. If the supplier focuses only on clients in India, they should have certifications from the Indian government allowing them to operate as a company.

Good suppliers will also educate their client base. They will explain the difference between products made from alloy and stainless steel. They will also highlight the products made from new age material like carbon steel. There will be a clear explanation on why that material was used in the manufacturing process.

So, the next time, make sure that you follow these tips before you replace the “nuts and bolts” in any machinery.

Stainless Steel Bolt & Nut 304 Manufacturers In India

Rollfast is manufacturing Stainless steel bolt & nut 304 in India for the last 29 years, we have two manufacturing units which are situated in kundli industrial area in sonepat in Haryana, both the units are 2 kms apart from each other. The first unit was set up in the year 1989 bay Mrs Seema aggarwal who has done her mechanical engineering and was helped by her husband who is also a qualified engineer and is now looking after the day to day operations of both the units with the help of their son Kapil Aggarwal. Kapil joined the family business in 2001 and has helped expand the business in over 56 countries in 5 different continents. We are the largest producers for bigger diameter bolts and nuts in India and are manufacturing all major stainless steel bolting materials including exotic metals and hestalloys and duplex steels.

We also have sophisticated turning machines on which we are able to make small parts as per drawings for automobile and construction sector all over the world. With the help of dedicated employees numbering over 150 we are able to fulfill and execute all major stainless steel bolts & nuts orders in India and abroad.

SS Fastener Manufacturers In India

India is the largest producer for stainless steel or SS fasteners manufacturers in India, rollfast manufactures and delivers SS fasteners in over 56 countries in over 5 different continents in the world. Our SS products are used in various industries, aviation, textiles, automotive industry, heavy engineering, machining, construction industry, piping and cros country pipe lines.

Rollfast is the premier SS fasteners manufacturer in India with production capacities spread over 2 manufacturing units in Haryana and we manufacture all the items and range of bolts used in stainless steel grades in India.There are various head forms SS fasteners, namely hex, round, oval, square, raised etc.. Most popular of them are hex and we manufacture the complete range of SS fasteners hex products in India.

SS 304 grade is also popularly knows as 18-8, 18 stands for the percentage of chromium and 8 stands for the percentage of nickel in the steel, this together when combined makes the steel stainless steel.There are over 20 different grades in SS, the most commonly used is 304 and 316, sometimes customers also request for 304L and 316L which can also be manufactured on request.

SS Bolts Manufacturers In India

CaptureIndia is one of the fastest growing economies as per world bank estimates and we are one of the largest producers for SS fasteners 304 grade in India, our range of bolts and nuts & washers starts from 20 mm and we go unto 100 mm in diameter and upto 1 meter in length. SS bolts or stainless steel bolts get their name due to their rust prevention abilities and also the ability to withstand corrosion in extreme conditions and also their sustainability in corrosive environment and chemical reactions. Our company produces SS bolts manufacturers in India in hot forge condition, which is bigger diameter bolts from M-20 to M-100.

All production applications are made on sophisticated CNC machines with computerized applications and quality checks. We have in house production team of over 150 people and they are given regular training exercise to affiliate them in production activities on a regular basis. SS fasteners 304 grade consist of 18% chromium and 8% nickel which makes it SS304 grade. Carbon content is limited to 0.8% and in case of SS304L grade the carbon content is less than 0.02%

Stainless steel grades have a greater advantage over traditional hot dip materials as they provide extra life and greater sustainability over a period of time. Stainless steel grade fasteners in 304 grade are mainly used for marine applications or in areas where the application is nearer to the sea shore, this is mainly due to the fact that normal carbon steel bolts which have been hot dip galvanised catch rust very soon and they are unusable after a short period of their installation. SS fasteners 304 have a greater shelf life and can withstand extreme wether conditions and provide a superior finish and look to the equipment.

In India our company is the biggest producer for stainless steel bolts in SS 304 grade and the standards we follow are DIN EN ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS and BS